My Equity Blog: what this site offers

One of my roles at The University of Auckland is Associate Dean Equity in the Faculty of Science. I’m also an academic in the School of Psychology, where I do research related to gender, bodies, sex/sexuality, and healthy eating. I also write about qualitative researching, and thematic analysis.

In my equity role, I read a lot around equity-related issues – within university contexts, within science and tech, around gender, race/ethnicity, ability, class, sexuality… across a raft of identities, issues and experiences. The issue is popular in both scientific and popular writings at the moment!

This site is an archive of resources and readings relevant to equity concerns. I’m thinking of it as an extended-twitter account  – you can also find me on twitter – where I link to stories and studies I’m reading, with some commentary. Entries will mostly be brief, with links to the resource or resources referenced, rather than extended discussions of issues. You are encouraged to read the originals and make up your own minds on what they contain…

Any views expressed are not the official views of the UoA, or of the Faculty.